The Odessa Branch of IMarEST, organized on the basis of National University Odessa Maritime Academy (NU OMA) in 1998, presents in Ukraine the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology Great Britain which was set up in London in 1889 as association of marine engineers in order to contribute in every possible way their technical development. Now the IMarEST is a recognized international professional body which brings together 15000 members in more than 100 countries of the world.

In Ukraine we have about 200 members of the Institute. They are marine engineers, professors, lecturers and students who are getting familiarized with the modern information technologies of marine engineering and improve their professional English language, receiving technical magazines, proceedings, news of the Institute and also have the possibility for using English literature in the library of the Odessa Branch English Club.

The work of the branch is guided by the committee elected at the Annual General Meeting of the IMarEST members in Ukraine. In the previous years there were elected the following chairmen of the Odessa Branch Committee: professors V M Zaletov, M V Miyusov, V K Golubev, V A Golikov, V M Koshevoy. Lately the Committee is headed by prof. A N Shemiakin. The Honorary Secretary is assistant professor S A Karyanskyy and Honorary Treasurer assistant professor A V Bondarenko.

Seven best cadets and three post- graduate students were awarded Stanley Grey scholarships of the Institute correspondingly 1000 and up to 2000 pounds sterling. The state examination committees, councils of faculties and the members of the IMarEST recommend the worthy graduates and cadets to join Institute.

After completing the period of the Initial Professional Development young specialists can get registered in the Engineering Council of Great Britain and English certificate according to the accredited courses by the Institute for the following categories of engineers:

Members of IMarEST in Ukraine participate in the work of scientific and technical conferences, seminars and meetings in Ukraine, United Kingdom and other counties. The Odessa Branch Committee finances the conduct of scientific and technical events and together with the Rector of NU OMA award a bonus for the best works and projects of lecturers and cadets.

The Committee of IMarEST Odessa Branch invites the students, marine engineers, scientists and specialists of marine industry in Ukraine to join the London Institute and will render assistance to maritime educational establishments in carrying out accreditation of engineering courses for their graduates to be able to register the membership category at the Institute and Engineering Council of UK.

IMarEST Odessa Branch address:
8 Didrikhson Street, NU OMA, 65029, Odessa,
l./fx: 048-733-4429,
E-mail: imare@onma.edu.ua


The First Vice-hairman of the International Association of Maritime Universities prof. M V Miyusov is speaking at the 8th General Assembly IAMU on 17 September 2007 in the ONMA Hall.

The Committee Chairmen of the past years of the IMarEST Ukraine Branch prof. M V Miyusov (2001-2002), prof. V K Golubev (2003-2004), prof. V A Golikov (2005-2006).

The Branch Honorary Secretary prof. V I Lanchukovsky is demonstrating to the experts of accreditation commission Cdr W Kelly, Vice-President of the IMarEST, Dr J Chudley, University of Plymouth, Ed Hansom, Head of IMarEST Professional Affairs, the first unattended machinery space simulator, elaborated in 1990-1993 when the co-operation with the IMarEST has been begun.

One of the Committee Meetings of the IMarEST Odessa Branch in 2000.

The IMarEST President 2004 Dr W D Loth with the cadets of ONMA engineering faculties after the lecture dedicated to perspective for marine industry.
   On 9 March 2007 in London the Rector of ONMA prof. M V Miyusov and Chairman of the Odessa Branch prof. V M Koshevoy were presented to HRH The Princess Royal by Dr W D Loth.
The IMarEST members during the 104th Annual Dinner in the Grosvenor House.   

Rector of ONMA prof. M V Miyusov, CEng, FIMarEST, and Pro-Rector of ONMA on External Economic Connections S I Zaichko, FIMarEST, talk with the director of the Regional Department of Russian Marine Register for Navigation V I Lyubchenko, CEng, FIMarEST, and assistant professor V G Denisov, CEng, FIMarEST.

David Long, Director-Professional Affairs of IMarEST, Vladimir Lanchukovsky, professor of ONMA, Takeshi Nakazawa, professor of WMU, during the 100th Annual Dinner in the Grosvenor House.

General Meeting of Members of the London Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology in Ukraine on 21 November 2007.

Chairman of the Odessa Branch Committee prof. V M Kochevoy is making a summery report at the annual meeting of IMarEST members in Ukraine on 21 November 2007. In the presidium of the meeting are First Pro-Rector of ONMA prof. V K Golubev, Pro-Rector on science of the National Shipbuilding University prof. V F Kvasnitsky and Honorary Secretary of the Odessa Branch prof. V I Lanchukovsky.

The visit of Odessa Branch office on 16 September 2007 by the IMarEST President 2003 Frank Mungo. To the right of him are prof. V I Lanchukovsky and second engineer O O Bondarenko, on the left is Deputy Honorary Secretary P V Yatsenko.